Before you decide which sill is the best replacement for your door system, keep in mind that replacing a sill system can be tricky and even dangerous, so we’d highly recommend hiring a professional to ensure that your sill is replaced effectively and safely. Now, here’s what you need to know before you pick out your next sill system!

Articulating Sills

An articulating sill has a spring-loaded articulating cap, meaning that this sill can automatically adjust to your door system to provide superior, hassle-free protection against wind, water, and bug infestations -- all on its own.

BetterDoor sells the following articulating sill options:

Keep in mind, Z-Series articulating sills differ from their adjustable counterparts in that they automatically adjust to create a better seal rather than requiring manual adjustment, meaning you get even better protection with less hassle.

Adjustable Sills

An adjustable sill allows you to manually adjust the sill cap upwards or downwards by loosening or tightening the sill’s adjustment screws. Adjustable sills allow you to create a better fit for your door system and more effectively seal your home against the elements.

Adjustable sills have an advantage over traditional sills since the adjustable screws allow you to customize the fit at different points along the cap sill to help seal against drafts, leaks, and insects more securely. Adjustable sills are available from BetterDoor in an:

Bumper Sills

Whereas traditional, adjustable, and articulating sills are typically fitted to inswing doors, the Z-Series Bumper Outswing sill is made specifically for outswing doors. These sills have the added protection of a weatherstrip "bumper" inserted into the cap that an outswing door can swing up against. This additional measure of weather stripping allows a tighter seal between an outswing door and the door panel, meaning that bugs, drafts, and moisture won’t find their way into your home due to subpar outswing protection. Get your Z-Series Bumper Outswing sill system at BetterDoor today. 

Traditional Sills

This is one of the most common types of door sills. A traditional sill is typically made of wood or a wood substrate and is located underneath an aluminum sill deck. This creates a sturdy but basic type of threshold for your door.

While BetterDoor doesn’t sell traditional sill systems, we do sell the replacement caps to keep yours looking as good as new.

Remember, while we love supporting your DIY projects, replacing a door sill is best left to the pros. We can help you choose the best sill solution for your door system, but we’d recommend hiring a professional for the installation process. If you’re looking for your next DIY project, check out:

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