Protect what you love with a Trilennium®️ Multi-Point Locking System.

Break-ins? Broken locks? Warping and gaps around your door? Not in your home.

What is a multi-point locking system?

Multi-point lock systems contain, you guessed it, multiple locking points along the length of the door system. Individually, these act as separate deadbolts when engaged; together, they make up a locking system that guarantees your home is no longer threatened by intruders or subpar materials.

Rather than relying on one single lock located in the center of the door panel, which leaves your door and locking system more vulnerable to manipulation and your home more vulnerable to break-ins, multi-point locks have 3-5 locking points that are routed into the door panel. These locking points extend into the door jamb or astragal for multi-point reinforcement along the full length of the exterior door system to ensure that your door system remains structurally sound and impenetrable.

The Trilennium®️ Multi-Point Locking System:

  • Runs along the door for added security and stability. Available in full-length coverage and partial coverage options.
  • One turn of the lock engages all the deadbolts, making it as simple as it is strong.
  • Has a solid steel construction that stays secure and strengthens the door edge.
  • Shields against forced entry, extreme wind and pressure, and long-term wear

Why Trilennium?

All multi-point locks should provide better compression against the weathersealing components of a door, enhance security, and even fix misalignment issues. Here’s how Trilennium does it all -- and does it better than the rest.

Trilennium is smarter. Trilennium bolts pre-engage when the door is closed to ensure longevity, smooth operation, and maintenance of the door’s alignment, even when the deadbolts aren’t locked. Meaning you get to enjoy superior peace of mind and save money on expensive repairs in the long run.

Trilennium works harder.  Trilennium bolts draw the door into even tighter alignment by engaging with the patented Roller Strikes when the lock is activated, meaning you get to trust that you’ll have lasting, uncompromised security for years to come.

Trilennium is stronger. The Trilennium Multi-Point Locking System features a single-piece I-Beam. Good luck breaking or warping an I-Beam.

Trilennium looks better, too. While most multi-point locking systems offer limited styles and finishes, Trilennium has an extensive portfolio of unique, stylish handsets and hardware that are compatible with the Trilennium Multi-Point Locking Systems. Shop for handsets.

We do sell Trilennium Multi-Point Locks at BetterDoor, but we’d recommend that you hire a professional to install your lock. While we’re all for the #DoorItYourself motto, we don’t want to see anyone get hurt or be unhappy with their purchase, and locking systems can be tricky and dangerous to install. Leave it to the pros, okay?