“It all starts at the door,” as we like to say. And it does! If your door looks tired and sad, the rest of your house may soon follow. Even more than an eyesore, your door may be causing your utility bill to creep up and even putting the security of your home at risk. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to turn your door into your next fixer-upper project, whether you’re looking for something fun and quick or a little more serious!


The Value of Old Doors

We’ll be focusing on modern doors in this post, but there’s plenty of value to antique doors, wrought iron hardware, and other vintage door components. There’s even a market to sell old doors online. If you’re looking for something unique to add to your home, browse some listings for salvaged doors.

If your home truly has an old door, the first step is to see if it’s worth restoring, but keep in mind it may be more valuable than you think! If not, sell it, scrap it, and replace it with something new!


Wreaths & Other Decorations

Sometimes all you need is a new wreath to freshen up your front door look. Whether you’re simply buying a new one for the season or starting a family crafting project, hanging a wreath can make you feel at home.

You can also have some fun with the traditional wreath design by incorporating a picture frame or even a chalkboard sign. If wreaths aren’t your thing, try a monogram! These letters can be formal or fun, incorporating different colors and styles. Or, go simple with a new fun doormat or a couple of potted plants.


Interior Door Decorating Ideas

What about your interior doors? While wreaths and monograms work well inside or outside, small additions such as a mirror, a sign, or a decal work best for bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’re feeling especially creative, try painting a mural!


Fresh Paint

This is a great project for interior or exterior doors. Choosing a new color can add a nice accent, compliment your other design choices, and make an older door feel brand new. Still, it can be tough deciding how bold is too bold.

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Pro Tip: If you have a nice wooden door, painting may not be your best option. Consider using a stain to give it some new life!



There’s no better way to brighten up your front door, whether you’re interested in adding some lumineers or an overhead light. Motion sensor lights can also be good for convenience and security, or consider some solar-powered pathway lights leading up to your door!


Spruce Up Your Sidelights

What about some natural light? Some doors also have sidelights, or narrow windows on either side of the door frame. Buy some new curtains to compliment your new paint job or add a sidelight window decal to give your sidelights the appearance of stained glass or other attractive patterns!


Practical Projects for Weathersealing, Security, and Quick Fixes

Ok, these were a lot of fun ideas, but you can still fix-up your door even without getting super creative. These are the essentials you’ll want to check before diving into some of the other projects we’ve discussed!


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