What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?

A fresh coat of paint on your front door can work wonders for your curb appeal, but how do you choose a color? Here are a few tips for choosing a color that fits your style goals.


A classic, versatile, and dramatic option, red front doors complement a variety of styles and exterior materials.

If you have a brick home or another type of dark exterior material, choose a red that reaches for the lighter, brighter hues like poppy or cherry red rather than a maroon or a crimson. On the flip side, if you already have a bright white or lighter exterior, a deep ruby red and more traditional hues will add contrast and class.


Shades of green can work well to brighten up the entryway of a modern, urban exterior. It also plays well with your favorite plants and a porch (or stoop) filled with natural touches. Hanging baskets, door planters, and large potted plants complement green doors beautifully for a cohesive, fresh entryway. If you’re drawn to green, but plants aren’t your thing - choose a brighter, more striking shade to highlight the architectural features of your entryway.


Is your style breezy and warm like a seafoam blue? Or modern like a pop of bright royal blue? Or cozy and traditional like navy?

Pro tip: Cool-toned blues pair well with almost any seasonal decor. Think: orange pumpkins, pink spring flowers, yellow summer accents, and even green holiday wreaths. Its cool, clean appearance and versatility makes blue a softer alternative to stark neutrals like black or charcoal.


Fun fact: Black front doors have been linked to higher home values. On average, sellers get about $6,000 more for homes with black doors than any other color. Bold and classy, black makes a statement, goes with any style, and boosts your home’s curb appeal (and price tag).

On the contrast, white front doors create an airy, clean appearance on homes with darker exteriors. Bonus: they’re also more energy efficient (and utility bill friendly) than dark front doors.

Everything Else

If none of the above strike your fancy, go wild! Traditional colors are popular, beautiful options, but you might prefer:

A.) Aubergine

B.) Periwinkle

C.) Lilac

D.) Amaranth

E.) All of the above?

It’s your door, your home, and your choice, so choose the color that shows off your personality and creates an entryway you’ll love. With countless shades, hues, and color combinations available, what’s stopping you from creating a custom color? Or painting a work of art (Starry Night, anyone?) right on your front door?

Pro tip: Whatever you choose, when you decide to update your front door, go ahead and update the weatherstripping to keep your entryway beautiful, functional, and safe. Since you’ll have to remove the door to prep it for painting, it’s the perfect time to pull off old, worn weatherstripping and replace it with fresh materials. For everything you’ll need to prevent drafts, leaks, and gaps around your front door, visit BetterDoor.com.