Have you started spring cleaning yet? Spring cleaning is more than cleaning every nook and cranny inside your home. It’s also about getting your home ready to invite friends over, fire up the grill, and have some fun in the warmer spring temperatures after a long winter. It’s about starting the new season with a fresh start and a clean slate!

After tackling the inside of your home, it’s time to head outdoors to get the outside looking just as good! Here are five areas to get started.

Flower BedFlower-Beds-300x300

Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time to start cleaning out those flower beds and make room for new blooms. Clear away any leaf litter and dead plants, and consider adding mulch to keep the weeds out. If you aren’t sure what to plant, your local gardening store will have plenty of flowers and other plants that will do great in your area!

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Front Porch

Clean up your porch and patio furniture before relaxing this spring. After fall and winter months have passed, dirt, dust, and pollen have had a chance to settle in all those grooves and surfaces. Mix warm water and ½ teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle for easy clean up.

Don’t forget to give those old cushions a little post-season TLC too! Wash your seat cushions or cushion covers thoroughly to clean off any outdoor muck. If it’s time to buy new ones, try a pop of color like teal to bring in the new season. 

Windows & SidingPower-Washing-300x172

Did someone say, power wash? Use the change of season to power wash your home’s siding for a fresh, clean boost to your curb appeal. Don’t just stop there – washing your windows can be a daunting chore, but your home will look and feel much brighter with clean windows. Instead of using a rag and elbow grease, try using a squeegee instead! Check out these window-washing tips and techniques from This Old House.

PRO TIP : Clean the inside of your windows before heading outside. With a clear view from the inside, you’ll be able to easily tell if those windows are truly clean on the outside.

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The return of warmer weather typically means more outdoor fun. Before cranking up the grill, be sure clean off the dust and dirt that has settled over time. Start by scraping off any residue or grime stuck on the grates, then follow up by soaking in a mild, grease-fighting dish soap and water combination. Once the grill is cleaned, it’s time to invite some friends and family over for food and fun!


Last but not least is the garage. You may already have plans to repaint the garage door or reorganize those boxes from winter, but take your duties a step further and tackle those tires marks, oil spills and dirt on the garage floor with concrete cleaner. Apply the cleaner as instructed to safely remove dirt and stains, then wash away. You can also use a power washer to blast away that garage grime.

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Don’t forget! Your front door needs updates for spring, too. Check out our easy tips to spruce up your front door and make it more energy efficient.