Spring cleaning your home can provide a fresh start for the new season, but don’t forget about your doors! Whether you’re sealing out those April showers or cutting costs on utility bills, this spring you can check off 4 easy ways to fix up your exterior doors.

Sill Adjustment/Cap Plugs

Adjusting your door sill is one of the most important ways to ensure your door is in tip-top shape for spring. Not only does a proper seal prevent water leaks and air drafts inside your home, but a tight seal also protects your home from insects and other small critters you’ll want to keep outside. For adjustable thresholds, use the adjustment screws to adjust your sill cap accordingly until gaps or spacing beneath your panel have disappeared.

TIP: Don’t forget to replace missing or damaged sill cap plugs. If a few of your cap plugs are missing, simply place new plugs over the screws to protect them from debris and damage. Covered screws will be easier to adjust over time and will prevent rust.

Don’t see cap plugs or screws? You may have the Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ which never needs adjusting! Learn more about this sill and others here.


Prep your door for spring by also checking the weatherstrip, which is located around the sides of the door frame. Does your weatherstrip bend or crumble when compressed? Is it flattened from long-term use? Does it look damaged, maybe even flaky? If so, it’s time to replace!

Finding the right weatherstrip is easy. Just remember, weatherstripping should have good memory so a tight seal is maintained at all times. No creasing or flattening allowed! Weatherstrips with water-wicking abilities provide the best performance when protecting your doorway from moisture.

2_22_17-300x300Door Bottom

Although replacing your door bottoms may seem a little tricky, this component is a door sill’s best partner-in-crime, and it helps protect your home from drafts, leaks, and insects. If your door bottom is torn or has taken a beating from daily use, be sure to install a new one for spring.

Looking for ways to cut down on your energy bills? Your new door bottom, along with a properly adjusted sill, can improve your energy savings.



Corner Pad

Last, but certainly not least, is the corner pad. This small but mighty door component plays an essential role in exterior door performance all year round. Check the corner where the door panel swings and closes to connect with the sill and frame. If you don’t see a pad on the bottom corners of your door frame opening, you’re missing a crucial component to your doors!

Corner pads, also called the “Crucial Corner,” enhance the seal around your exterior door and work to fight against leaks, drafts, and insects near the sill. If your corner pads are worn, torn, or missing altogether, replace them by installing a corner pad on each side of your door frame, directly above the sill.


Check out this BetterDoor Weathersealing Selection Guide for more information on choosing your weatherseals this season!