Some of the industry’s easiest upgrades can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money on heating and cooling. This week, Emily from Our House Now A Home shows us how she tackles small improvements by adding new weatherseals at her front door.

Our-House-Now-a-Home-Graphic-200x300"We all know I love to decorate my home and can talk DIY all the time. But, having a home is about more than just the pretty stuff, there is a lot of smaller things that need to be done to maintain that home. Today I am talking about one of those things, maybe not as visually appealing but so necessary; How to replace door weatherstrip and simple ways to improve a home’s energy efficiency. In the coming weeks, I am going to be breaking down and sharing these important home maintenance items. Today I am focusing on the simple way to help improve your home efficiency and save a little money on your heating and cooling!

Having a home means there is a certain amount of updates needed to be done, and not all of them consist of granite counter tops or paint colors. There are so many small and large scale tasks to keep a home in its best shape…" 


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