What You Should Know About Weather Sealing

We’ve talked about how there are
four areas where your exterior doors are vulnerable to leaks, drafts, and gaps before, but what can you do to fix and prevent them altogether?

Anytime you suspect leaks or drafts around your exterior doors, start with the basics: weathersealing. When weatherizing your door systems, pay particular attention to the four critical areas:

  • Upper corners
  • Between the door and the jamb
  • Crucial corners
  • Beneath the door

Proper weathersealing can:

  • Prevent drafts
  • Deflect water and prevent moisture damage
  • Keep utility bills in check

Here are the best weathersealing options for keeping your home (and bank account) comfortable.

Corner Pads

Since they need to seal at multiple points of contact along the bottom, top, and sides of the door frame, your exterior door’s corners are particularly vulnerable to drafts and leaks. Corner pads offer easy installation and durable weatherstripping for your home.

The Simple Corner

  • Easy installation
  • Exceptional durability
  • Effective protection

The Simple Corner adheres to the upper corners of your door system and creates a tighter seal in the by enhancing the compression between the door and the frame.

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad

  • Unique reversible design
  • Resists tearing and damage
  • Counteracts water infiltration

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad works at the “crucial corners” at the bottom of the door, where water can flow up over the door sill and even the weatherstrip. With its unique design, this corner pad offers enhanced sealing power, even at wide margins.


Old and worn weatherstripping puts your home at risk of air, water, and insect infiltration. Keep the outdoors outside by updating your weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping your exterior doors systems is one of the easiest, most effective ways to weatherize your home. Increase your protection against the elements and decrease the hit your bank account takes from utility bills with BetterDoor’s selection of Endura weatherstripping.

Door Bottoms

Easily and affordably seal the gap between the bottom of an exterior door and the threshold with a properly fitted door sweep. Door sweeps reinforce the seal between the bottom of the door and the door jamb by providing stronger compression when the door is closed and sealed.

Double bulb options offer:

  • Compatibility with fixed or adjustable sill systems
  • Flexibility and durability
  • Tight compression and better contact between the door and threshold

Whether you choose a traditional door sweep bottom or one of our innovative fin and bulb systems, our high-performance, durable door bottoms will keep wind, water, and bugs from entering your home.

Sill Pans

Sill pans are sloped structures that drive water away from your door system to prevent moisture damage and water infiltration, even in rainy, damp climates. Installed under the door unit, Endura’s VersaPanTM Sloped Sill pans provide superior protection by preventing moisture infiltration and retention that threatens to ruin your subfloors and door system.



Lower your utility costs, keep out uncomfortable drafts, and avoid and costly damages down the road by weathersealing your exterior doors from top to bottom. Get everything you need, including DIY tips and supplies at BetterDoor.com.