This summer will be filled with warm weather and outdoor activities for the entire family, and making sure your French door is safe and accessible is more important than ever. The Ultimate Flip Lever™ Astragal from Endura Products secures your French door and with one easy motion, eliminating the reaching and bending required to operate standard astragal designs. As we explore the features and benefits of the Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal, consider ways you could upgrade your astragal this season.


How It Works

The Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal delivers enhanced accessibility and eliminates traditional sealing issues. With the Ultimate Flip Lever secured in an upright position, the Floating Boot and Flush Bolt are lifted clear of the sill, allowing you to easily open and close the door. As the Flip Lever is lowered, the system engages at the sill to form a tight seal, no matter what.


No Reaching, No Bending

The easy-to-use flip lever enhances accessibility and eliminates reaching and bending usually required for traditional designs. The Flip Lever operates both top and bottom bolts in seconds, allowing for easier entry and exit with a handful of summer treats. This innovative astragal solution from Endura Products makes sealing and securing your astragal simple all year long.


Automatic Sealing Performance

Although French doors may get tricky over time, the Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal automatically provides the tightest seal against your door sill. The spring-loaded Floating Boot and Flush Bolt system always finds the lowest point regardless of drill-hole depth or wear over time. The seal keeps out air, water and small critters, while the Flush Bolts lock out unwanted intruders.


This summer, consider your French door system – Could your astragals use an upgrade this season? The Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal from Endura Products combines enhanced accessibility with sealing and security, protecting your home all season.


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