BetterDoor: Proud to be Powered By Endura ®


Why are we proud to be "Powered by Endura?" Because Endura is powered by passion, innovation, and domestic manufacturing. Endura manufactures some of the industry’s most-impressive, most-reliable, and most-sought-after door components. But Endura’s reputation is built on more than just superior door components.


Powered by Passion.

With over six decades in the business, Endura just keeps getting better. As Endura has grown, changed, and improved, so have the industry standards they’ve been setting for over 65 years.

Thanks to innovation driven by seasoned expertise and persistent passion, Endura boasts the following stats:

  • Over 16 active patents (and more to come!)

  • Over 750 employees

  • Facilities in 3 states

Powered by Innovation.

BetterDoor is proud to partner with Endura to offer contractors and homeowners superior products, unparalleled reliability, and peace of mind.

All of Endura’s products are crafted with state-of-the-art machinery, meticulous processes, and rugged product testing for enhanced efficiency and guaranteed performance. Endura makes it easy to connect industry experts with the best products for every unique home and project. On top of providing the industry with stellar products and innovative solutions to tackle the industry’s ever-changing challenges,
Endura’s operations include:

  • On-site testing facilities

  • Convenient lead times

  • Consistent quality & pricing

Powered by the USA.

Remember the 750 employees we mentioned? They’re supporting 750 families with jobs at Endura. The four state-of-the-art facilities where Endura products are designed, built, and tested? Those are located in three different states right here in the USA. Endura does more than bring reliable, secure products to its customers - it helps build safe homes for families in your community. Locally born and raised, Endura is committed to creating and keeping high-quality jobs in the US.


Powered By Endura.

Unparalleled passion, impressive innovation, and commitment to helping local communities thrive are part of what makes BetterDoor proud to partner with an industry legend like Endura. Endura makes the parts, and BetterDoor helps everyone from the newest DIY-ers to seasoned contractors get the Endura products they need, right when they need them.


To find the best Endura door products for your home, visit today!