Are you experiencing any of the following with your exterior door system?

  • Drafts

  • Leaks

  • Difficulty opening or closing the door 

The suspect? Your door sill.

Warping, cracking, or improper installment all render the affected door sill ineffective for sealing your exterior door system. 

Whereas with a standard door sill, you would need to replace the entire sill system to repair and seal your exterior door, adjustable door sills offer the luxury of simply adjusting the height of the seal. 

Adjustable sill caps offer two major benefits: superior protection and lower-maintenance demands. BetterDoor sells a manually adjustable door sill system and an articulating cap sill that automatically adjusts to fit your door system. Either could be the perfect fit for your exterior door system (literally!):

• The easy door solution: The Z-Series Adjustable Sill Cap
• The easiest door solution: The Z-Articulating Sill Cap TM

Adjustable door sills

  • Create an effective seal even when the door bottom is uneven

  • Deflect outside air and retain indoor air (say hello to lower utility bills!)

  • Seal against moisture

  • Block bugs, spiders and other pests from entering your home through gaps between the sill and door bottom

  • Are easy to install and maintain overtime 

If it’s time to replace your current door sill and boost the energy efficiency and security of your home, consider one of the following:

 Endura Aluminum Z-Series Adjustable Cap
 Endura Composite Z-Series Adjustable Cap

The easy-to-use screws make adjusting your sill simple. The composite materials prevent warping in most climates, with an aluminum option available to withstand even the most extreme climates. High performance and high quality come together to give you one low-maintenance, reliable solution to your exterior door system issues.

To find the perfect fit for your exterior door system, simply lift the cap plugs from the top of the sill and turn the screws to raise or lower the height of the sill.

Sounds easy enough, right? Could it get even easier?

image2It can with a Z-Articulating Cap.

The Endura Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ (Z-AC) and Sealing System is the caulk-free, maintenance-free solution to your door sill problems. Seal out bugs, water, and air flow even if your exterior door system has imperfect alignment or settles unevenly overtime. All without any manual adjustment.

That’s right. The Z-AC sill automatically compresses to fit your door system. Just install and rest easy knowing that your home’s entryway has unmatched protection against common door sill complications.

• Endura Aluminum Z-Series Adjustable Cap
• Endura Composite Z-Series Adjustable Cap

Remember, a properly installed sill system means a healthier, longer-lasting door system and more secure, energy efficient home. Not sure which Z-Series sill is best for your door? Visit BetterDoor today!