It’s the first day of summer which means hot weather has officially arrived! From graduation parties to family barbecues, outdoor living spaces will finally see their fair share of festivities this season. French doors help merge indoor and outdoor areas during events and are perfect when entertaining guests in one extended space.

Today, we’re sharing 4 simple ways to incorporate your indoor and outdoor living spaces with French doors this summer.

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Enclosed Porches

For homes with an enclosed porch, French doors can serve as beautiful element of design as well as provide access into the home. Keep the conversations and refreshments flowing by inviting guests to mingle on the porch while food and beverages are served in the kitchen.

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Extended Dining Rooms

Hosting a summer dinner party? French doors located in the dining room allow your guests to experience the best of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Prop the doors open during dinner to allow the refreshing summer breeze to travel inside. Cheers!

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Extravagant Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios are great spaces to host family barbecues, graduation parties or other fun summer-time celebrations. Get inspired by your indoor spaces by mirroring indoor elements outdoors. Place weather-friendly furniture, pillows and lighting on your patio to create an outdoor living area that feels warm and inviting. Photo Credit:

Indoor Spaces with a View

Enjoy your outdoor space from inside! Glass French doors provide a beautiful backdrop of your outdoor space when entertaining indoors this summer. Guests can admire greenery and backyard elements while enjoying the comforts of your home.


As the new season begins, consider ways to incorporate your indoor and outdoor spaces with French Doors and send us your photos of summer-time living areas. Check back later this month as we highlight one of our favorite astragals from Endura Products.