All about Replacement Sill Decks:

On today's #FixItFriday we are talking about Replacement Sill Decks. If you have a deck that has gone through too many scratches and dents, our Replacement Sill Deck is the perfect quick fix. 

Where is the Sill Deck located?

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The sill deck is a key component to make up your entire sill system. Sill decks are usually made up of metal such as aluminum and are there to provide a smooth walking surface into your home. This portion of your door receives a lot of traffic and therefore is more prone to dents and scratches over time. 

Why update my Sill Deck?













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A new sill deck provides a clean and polished appearance to transform the look of any sill system. Due to your entryway being the first thing most visitors will see, installing a replacement sill deck can help brighten up your home instantly. Not only will a new sill deck brighten up your home, it also adds value. If you are thinking about putting your house on the market, updating your exterior doors sill deck will immediately increase curb appeal. 

How to update your Sill Deck:

Upgrading your sill deck is a quick fix that can add a lot of value to your home. The materials you will need for this upgrade are measuring tape, a cutting tool, pencil or pen, construction adhesive and caulk.

  • Step 1: Measure your existing sill. For 7-13/16" wide sills, measure the length only. For all other width sills, measure the length and the width.

  • Step 2: Mark and cut the replacement sill deck to the indicated measurements.

  • Step 3: Apply construction adhesive to the existing sill (such as Liquid Nails).

  • Step 4: Apply the replacement sill deck to the existing sill. Press sill aluminum firmly into place and wipe away any excess adhesive.

  • Step 5: Caulk ends of replacement sill deck. Be sure to allow all caulk and adhesive to dry before stepping on sill.
For more detailed instructions on how to properly replace your sill deck click here.
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