Weatherstrip is an essential part of any exterior door system, but one that’s often overlooked. If you’re ready to reduce your energy bills and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, check out this guide to choosing the right BetterDoor weatherstrip product for your home!

Do I need weatherstrip for my door?

Take a look at your front or back door – can you see a light shining between the door and the frame? If light can get through, so can water, cool air, and pests like ants and termites. Weatherstrip may seem trivial, but it works hard every day to protect your home from drafts, leaks, and even insects. The right weatherseal products can reduce your home’s energy use, helps to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, and protects your home from water infiltration and damage.

install weatherstrip if you notice light around your door
Choosing the Right Weatherstrip

The weatherstrip product you choose depends on your door. Some doors have wider gaps around the frame that require a little extra to create a good seal, while others have a closer seal that might become stuck if the wrong weatherstrip is installed. BetterDoor has the right weatherstrip for every situation.



QEBD825 Weatherstrip – For wider gaps around the door.

If you can clearly see a light around the edges of your exterior door, the QEBD825 is right for you. This weatherstrip is designed to bend and adapt as you open and close your door, preventing leaks and drafts.


Low Wick PE650 – For near-perfect installations.

Newer construction and homes that have an “almost perfect” setup don’t need their weatherstrip to make up for any gaps, so the Low Wick PE650 might be just what you need to ensure the best seal. This weatherstrip provides a consistent seal and will adapt over time if your door or frame begin to warp or bend with age.


Man-with-Weatherstrip-300x192QEBD650 Weatherstrip – For tightly sealed doors.

If you’re already feeling a tight squeeze around your door, the wrong weatherstrip could make it harder to open and close. The QEBD650 is made with a cellular light foam that’s thinner than other weatherstrip to account for doors that don’t have much space to fill between the door and the jamb, while still providing a weatherproof seal.



Security Flange Weatherstrip - For French doors.

The Security Flange Weatherstrip is designed to create a weathertight seal for your outswing double door system. The secured bulb design presses against the gap between your French doors, completing the seal and preventing air leaks and drafts. If you have an Astragal Outswing Security Flange for your double doors, this weatherstrip is what you need.


BetterDoor has everything you need to weatherproof your exterior doors and protect your home from the elements. To lower your energy bills and protect your home from leaks and drafts, shop weatherstrip today!