Have you ever noticed drafts or leaks at your front door? Maybe even light peeping through the sides at the frame? You may not have a secure seal around your entryway door. Here, there’s a few things to consider when sealing your door, but one component in particular gets overlooked time and time again: the corner pad. Although small, the corner pad has a big impact and can make or break your entryway system.

A corner pad is a small, square-shaped door component, typically manufactured of moisture wicking material. Corner pads are placed where each side of the door frame meets the top of the door sill, also known as the “crucial corner”, and are extremely important when sealing your door system. Corner pads not only help secure your home from outside air, but also helps to prevent moisture and leaks from dripping inside your home. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a small corner pad can make!

Like many things, all corner pads aren’t created the same. The Simple Solution® Corner Pad by Endura® reigns supreme in design and performance, leaving you with ultimate protection and peace of mind. The Simple Solution® Corner Pad is engineered to fit both beneath the weatherstrip and squarely above the door sill. This provides a seal that is more secure than ever, preventing air and water from entering the home. This component is easy to install and can be placed properly in under 2 minutes! Just lift your existing weatherstrip, slide the corner pad underneath, and align with the top of the sill – and you’re all done! The Simple Solution® Corner Pad has also been extensively tested to outrank all other corner pads. With DP ratings of 40 and higher, the Simple Solution Corner Pad is proven to seal out imperfections and issues at your crucial corners.

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad by Endura proves itself to be the best corner pad on the market. Sealing out leaks and air at the crucial corners is no problem and knowing your exterior door has unmatched protection cannot be beat. Don’t forget this small product with a big impact!