Does Your Door Stick?

Wood grinding against wood can wear on the nerves, especially when it happens every time you open a door. A sticking door is frustrating, but why does it do that? That minor annoyance may be indicative of a larger problem. Here are a few reasons why your door might be sticking.

Your house has settled

This sounds scarier than it is. Homes settle over the seasons, the foundation shifting subtly. If it continues, it can turn into a much bigger issue, but more often than not it happens over time and is normal. Unfortunately, it can lead to sticking doors, cracks in the drywall, etc. If you begin noticing it spread beyond an occasional sticking door, it might be time to call a specialist.

Changes in humidity

Wood doors (wood anything) and humidity do not get along. Moisture in the air begins to seep into the wood, causing it to expand, ever so slightly. This creates warping in the door, and even the door frame if it wasn’t properly treated before installation. Funny enough, in low humidity climates doors can shrink and potentially crack, causing a whole other set of issues. Humidity is one of the most common issues with sticking doors.

Regular use

Doors are meant to be used, which means they will eventually develop some wear and tear. Rusted hinges, loose door handles, loose nails in the frame - all of these can lead to sticking doors if the door is even slightly off. Just because the door is sticking doesn’t necessarily indicate a much larger problem. Sometimes you just need to replace something.

What to do?

Take some time and see if you can identify where the problem is originating. Is it along the top? Is the door sticking at the bottom? Is the paint peeling on the door or the frame? Are the hinges loose? What about the door handle? Minor issues can be repaired on your own (hinges, door handles). Major issues, such as warped wood, a loose frame, or cracks in the frame may be better handled by a professional. Working with doors is a tricky business and precision is key to ensuring there are no future issues.

Notice any rot along the frame of your door while checking for issues with sticking? Check out our post here and learn more about what to do!