Whether you’re trying to keep rain and bugs out, or trying to keep that precious air-conditioned air in, identifying and repairing gaps in your door frame is vital to weathersealing your door and protecting your home. Here are a few things to help you identify whether or not there is a problem, and what can be done to fix the issue!

Identifying potential issues

Here are a few simple ways to identify if there is a potential issue:

  • Can you see light seeping through the door through any of the four sides?

  • Is it unusually cold near the door during the winter?

  • Have you noticed any moisture on the ground near the door?

  • Is the door having trouble latching when closed?

If you’ve noticed any of the above issues, you likely have gaps in your door or your door’s weathersealing may be in need of repair.

Why it’s important to ensure your doors are properly sealed

A small gap in your door may not seem like a huge deal, but it can lead to a number of issues if not dealt with.

  • During the winter months, cold air seeps through the crack, leading to an increase in your utility bill on a monthly basis.

  • Insects will eventually find their way into your home through the gap. All it takes is a few ants and you’ll be spending additional money trying to get rid of them.

  • If your door isn’t properly weathersealed, it can lead to moisture seeping into your subflooring or causing your door frame to rot. Needless to say, these can become major expenses.

What can be done?

First, if you’re noticing large gaps, it’s best to call a service professional. Attempting to repair a door on your own can lead to more harm if you aren’t experienced. Door repair is a game of fractions of an inch, which is why we generally recommend someone that is experienced in that kind of repair take the first crack at it.

If you’re noticing a draft at the bottom of the door, or the occasional bug crawling under the door, you may simply need to replace or reinforce the weathersealing. Check and see if it’s frayed or ripped. If it is, it may be as simple as replacing the weathersealing, but in some cases (if there is damage to the door bottom) you may want to consider hiring a specialist.


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