VersaPan™ is a sloped sill pan that eliminates the extra costs, and steps that result from ineffective sill pans and imperfect installation conditions. By preventing water damage, VersaPan protects your home for years to come.


VersaPan Features:

  • Back Wall: The back wall of VersaPan™ blocks moisture infiltration and even prevents wind-driven moisture from compromising your door systems. 

  • Sloped Design: The sloped design directs water out and away from the opening.

  • Side Walls: The side walls ensure water can’t leak under the sill pan from the sides.

  • Z-Series Nosing: VersaPan™’s back wall is compatible with Endura’s Z-Series nosing, so you can offer your customers superior protection and style.

  • Built-in Rough Opening Size Indicators: Stop packing unnecessary tools and installation kits. Simply use the integrated measuring tool on VersaPan™ to fit your it to any rough opening.

  • Self-Sealing Material: Unlike typical sill pans that crack or leak when punctured by fasteners, VersaPan™ creates a watertight seal around fasteners to provide unmatched defense against moisture.

  • One-Piece Construction: Cut or combine multiple sill pans to simply and securely fit any rough opening. VersaPan™ is adaptable to all opening lengths and widths without requiring additional pieces.


VersaPan™ empowers you to:

  • Easily install the sill pan without special tools.

  • Get unbeatable protection against water damage.

  • Prevent potential water damage.

  • Eliminate the demand for costly repairs.

  • Preserve your reputation.

  • Stop wasting resources on preventable service calls.


How to install a VersaPan™

  1. Fit: Use the incorporated measuring units to fit VersaPan™ to the rough opening.

  2. Secure: Staple or screw the sill pan into the rough opening.

  3. Covered: Use the flashing tape (included with your VersaPan™) to seal the corners.


It’s easy as 1-2-3 with our VersaPan™ Sloped Sill Pan! Save your time and resources with the innovative sill pan solution that solves your installation needs with flexibility, reliability, and simplicity.

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