Have you noticed a gap between the bottom of your door and the threshold?

If so, it is probably time for a new door bottom.

Even if you have noticed this gap in a door unit that is installed in a covered porch or entryway, you may be giving outside air, moisture, and, bugs easy access into your home. As the winter months draw closer, it is important to ensure that your doors and door parts are working properly.

A door bottom, also known as a door sweep, is a plastic, wood, or aluminum part that is applied to the bottom of a door panel. They are used to effectively seal the gap between a door’s panel and sill.

There are two main types of door bottom designs; fin and bulb sweeps. With “fin”, or “finger” door bottoms, multiple sealing points are created when the fins make contact with the door sill. Bulb door bottoms use their unique o-shape to mold to the door sill, creating a wide, continuous seal.

In addition to providing your home with protection from outside elements, door bottoms also increase the energy efficiency of your home. By eliminating the opportunity for your conditioned air to escape your home, and outside air to enter it, you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bill. BetterDoor_DoorBottomGraphic

Two of our most popular door sweeps are the Kerfed Double Bulb Door Bottom and the Staple-On Double Bulb Door Bottom. Both door bottoms are manufactured by Endura and provide superior protection against water, air, dirt, and bugs with two flexible sealing bulbs.

We carry additional door sweeps that vary in design, color, length, and installation method. Each of our door bottoms offers you with a convenient and inexpensive way to seal your doors, conserving energy, and saving you time and money.


To read more about our door bottom options and all of our weathersealing products, check out our Weathersealing Identification Guide.