Your entry doors are your home’s first chance to make an impression and the first line of defense against the elements, guests (invited or otherwise), and high energy bills. Exterior doors are subject to damage from impact, daily wear and tear, and moisture infiltration. Keep your exterior doors sealed, secure, and beautiful with these DIY exterior door repair tips.

How do I repair a rotted door frame?

Wood rot in your door frame can quickly go from a minor eyesore to a serious structural issue, which can be dangerous and expensive if not addressed properly. The only way to repair a rotten door frame is to completely remove and replace the affected wood.

The rotten section of your door frame will need to be cut away and replaced, and you can use a FrameSaver®️ rot repair kit to replace the damaged section of the door frame. FrameSaver materials defer moisture from your frame and eliminate the source of rot entirely, meaning you won’t have to worry about fighting wood rot again once you’ve installed the FrameSaver kit.

First: Learn more about wood rot.

Then: Learn how to repair it.

How can I fix gaps in my front door?

If you have gaps in your front door, you’ve probably noticed at least one of the following:

  • Light around the edges of the door

  • Drafts

  • Leaks

  • Sagging

Solutions include:

  • Realignment

  • Weathersealing

  • Installing new exterior door components

  • Replacing your door system

First: Find the source of your gaps.

Then: Find your DIY solution.

How can I make my doors more secure?

Secure your entry doors with locking systems you can trust to keep out uninvited visitors. While there are a variety of locks on the market, from old school manual locks to smart locks that sync with your phone, safety should always be a top priority.

First: Decide what type of lock is best for your home.

Then: Check out the Trilennium Multi-Point Locking systems at BetterDoor to protect your home (and your peace of mind).

What about French doors?

An improperly sealed double door not only lowers the energy efficiency of your home, it also decreases your security. Secure and seal your French doors with our French door solutions:

Then: Find the solution that best suits your home and your needs. BetterDoor’s selection of French door hardware is all all Powered By Endura, meaning you get the highest quality protection the industry has to offer.

How do I boost my curb appeal?

Everything from your paint colors to your choice of door hangings can change your curb appeal and even affect your utility bills. Here are a few tips for keep your home looking (and feeling) fresh and clean.

  • Choose the right paint. Sunlight can cause paint to crack, peel, and fade. Use lighter paint colors to deflect heat and hide minor imperfections on doors exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. Dark colors absorb and retain more heat than light doors, which can cause your exterior doors to swell, warp, and put additional stress on hardware like hinges and locks.

  • Apply a protective UV coating over your chosen color to prevent bleaching, heat retention, and swelling.

  • Hang canopies or awnings to protect your exterior doors from the elements and add your own personal style to entryways.

  • Install storm doors to add another level of protection between your exterior door systems and harsh outdoor elements.

First: Make sure your front door is properly sealed and in great shape.

Then: Add a personal touch with these decorating tips.