It is important to have the right weatherseals around your door panel to ensure a proper seal in your entryway and protection from the elements. Weatherstrips, one of three types of weatherseals, help to seal out air and water year-round. Weatherstrips are available in many sizes and materials, so choosing the right weatherstrip for your system is crucial to proper door performance.

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What is Weatherstrip?

The weatherstrip is a seal typically designed of soft, flexible material that wicks moisture and seals your door system. Weatherstrip helps protect against air and moisture infiltration, providing a tight seal around your door system.

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Location of the Weatherstrip

Weatherstrips are recommended to be used on the door jamb and header, and are an essential part of sealing your home. The jamb is located on the left and right sides of the frame, and the header is located above the door. Both header and jamb have been outlined below in red.

Types of Weatherstrip


Foam weatherstrip can be made of open-cell or closed-cell foam. Open-cell foams tend to absorb more water, allowing moisture to affect the seal quality over time. Closed-cell foams perform better when wicking moisture and provide a more effective seal around your door. This easy-to-install weatherstrip is affordable and available in a variety of widths and lengths. Looking for foam weatherstrip options for your door? Check out our offering here on


This weatherstrip is typically sold in rolls and can be either plain or reinforce with flexible metal. While inexpensive and relatively easy to install, felt weatherstripping usually only last for 1-2 years, requiring replacement to maintain an effective seal.


While this weatherstrip can be quite effective when protecting against air and water infiltration, its price-point is typically higher than your standard weatherstripping. Rubber weatherstrip can be somewhat difficult to install despite its self-stick design.


For more information on choosing the right weatherstrip for your door system, check out our Weathersealing Selection Guide at