Have you noticed drafts or leaks at your front door? Maybe even light peeping through the sides at the frame?

You may not have a secure seal around your entryway door, which you’ll want to fix right away, since sealing your door...

  • Saves money on heat by keeping the cold air outside.

  • Keeps you warm and dry by preventing moisture from leaking into your home.

  • Blocks undesirable critters from making themselves at home in...well, your home.

Now, you have several options to consider when sealing your drafty door, but the most user-friendly and affordable option unfortunately gets overlooked time and time again:

the corner pad.

What’s a corner pad?


Endura Simple Solution Corner Pad

A corner pad is a small, square seal made out of moisture wicking material. The corner pad fits where the door frame meets the top of the door sill. The sill is the piece of the door frame between the floor and the threshold of your door that keeps your door frame sealed against the elements, but sometimes this area needs reinforcement.

Where the sill and door frame meet is also known as the “crucial corner,” and it’s the key to securely sealing your door system.

Luckily, corner pads are:

  • Simple

  • Affordable

  • Effective

You’ll be amazed at what a difference a small corner pad can make, but it’s important to select high-quality door components to ensure you have reliable protection and peace of mind.


The Simple Solution® Corner Pad by Endura® is engineered to fit beneath the weatherstrip and squarely above the door sill. This provides the most secure seal possible and prevents air, water, and unwanted creatures from entering your home. (That is, those who can’t open doors. We can’t do anything about your weird neighbors or your daughter’s new boyfriend.)

Endura’s Simple Solution Corner Pad is easy to install (it’s the “Simple Solution,” after all) and can be placed properly in under 2 minutes!


  • Lift your existing weatherstrip

  • Slide the corner pad underneath

  • Align the edge with the top of the sill

– and you’re all done!

On top of being user-friendly, the Simple Solution® Corner Pad:

  • Has been extensively tested to outrank all other corner pads.

  • Reinforces door systems to achieve DP ratings of 40 and higher

  • Reliably seals out imperfections and issues at your crucial corners.

Don’t overlook this small product with a big impact!

Sealing out leaks and air at the crucial corners is a breeze with The Simple Solution®Corner Pad by Endura. Tiny but mighty, the corner pad can make or break your doorway, but once installed, you can rest easy and know your exterior door has unmatched protection.


Are you ready to try corner pads on your exterior doors? Grab ‘emHERE!